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We are committed to enabling every employee to thrive in both personal and professional skills.

Zhantai strategic talent
reserve mechanism

In order to adapt to the development strategy of the company, Zhantai has established a strategic talent reserve mechanism oriented to the development of the enterprise. Through the "Succession Plan", we establish talent ladder, form a five-level cadre reserve system of college freshmen, team leaders, supervisors, managers and general managers, promote the construction of specialized talent development channels for technology, quality, sales and production, and enhance the competitive advantage of talents. Implement a performance- and ability-oriented talent development system. Performance assessment results and performance evaluation, salary incentives, career development, training, talent, integrated strategic management system.


Occupational Health

Prevention and monitoring are the top priorities in protecting the occupational health of our employees. Zhantai has established a safety production leadership team under the direct leadership of the CEO. This group is responsible for developing a production safety responsibility system, organizing safety training and education, and strictly controlling and educating on the identification of danger sources.


The establishment of cadre training and staff career development mechanism, the adoption of H-type career development channel, according to the nature of the position and work characteristics, management, professional and technical, marketing, skills and operations, such as 4 major job family 32 categories of career development system construction, employees can choose the most suitable for their own development path according to their personal characteristics, career interests and expertise.

Zhantai School

To support Zhantai's strategic development as its core mission, to help Zhantai become "the most trustworthy eyewear company" while growing itself into a leading intelligent energy talent ecosystem. Through the creation of Zhantai Talent Ecosystem, the direct link between the demand for talent and the strategic demand of the organization is closely maintained; through practical teaching methods, operators with an entrepreneurial spirit, pioneering ability, and the ability to challenge new fields are cultivated; managers who realize the implementation of strategies based on strategic demands, thus achieving a sustainable win-win situation for the success of Zhantai's organization and the growth of its employees.

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