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Metal (Mold)

The first step in manufacturing a metal frame is to create the mold that makes up the core.

It is made by carving a piece of metal.


Metal (Laser Cutting)

Metal frames are produced from molds, but those with detailed decoration can also be laser cut out.

All the work is done by machines.


Metal (Spot welding)

In different steps, weld together the front frame and other metal components.

Welding is done by hand.


Metal (Roller)

As the drum rotates, the surface is polished, creating a moderate roundness and shine.

The chips in the roller come in various types and shapes, and they change their formulation depending on the season, temperature, and weather.


Metal (Polishing)

Hand polishing it to a mirror finish with a cloth block and abrasive paste.

Without the use of machines, it is polished one by one by hand, giving off a unique shine.


Injected polymers

The injection is the processing method used for polymers.

Plastic in different colored grains is fused and injected into molds through the presses to obtain semi-processed frames.



A metal core bar will be inserted inside the acetate frame.

A special machine is used to heat the metal at high temperatures to ensure the perfect insertion of the acetate.


Installation of hinges

Attach the hinge to the temples.

The skilled, delicate and precise work of artisans is irreplaceable and part of every production phase.



Oil, grease, wax and other solvent-soluble dirt are removed.

Ultrasound & solvent.



Unfinished frame special compartment in varnish.

Clean rooms.



Transfer the pattern on top of the electrified aluminum to the glue holder by heat and pressure.

Clear and sharp edges of the stamped image.


Cutting Lenses

Cutting of the lenses by high-tech precision machines.

Workers are trained in a range of techniques to process a wide variety of products, ensuring strict quality control of the finished product.



The laser engraving is required by the authorized brand.

Using relevant machines that help workers to fill the engraving with various colors or effects.

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