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Meet our leadership and management team.

Jim Jin Chairman

Jim Jin, male, born in 1970, has been the chairman and general manager of Wenzhou Ouhai Hongtai Optical Co., Ltd., chairman, and general manager of Wenzhou Zhantai Optical Co., Ltd., vice president of Wenzhou Optical Chamber of Commerce since 1992 President.

Based on the business philosophy of seeking value for customers, happiness for employees, and beauty for society, he has led the enterprise to win good results and led the team to develop continuously.

Behind the success, more attention to cohesion, care for subordinates, a very high sense of social responsibility, thanksgiving, transfer great love, full of love, from the fame, gain, love, dream, joy, for the company's employees to provide monthly filial piety fund and donate to the poor mountainous areas of disabled twinning support and a series of good deeds, touching to the deep.

Tracy Wang Business director

Tracy Wang Female, born in 1973, was the financial general manager of Wenzhou Ouhai Hongtai Optical Co., Ltd. between 1992 and 2017, and made certain contributions to financial receivables and payables, costs, warehouse logistics, capital risk control, investment and financial budget.

She has been the business director of Wenzhou Zhantai Optical Co., Ltd's international trade department since 2018, in charge of the trade department's supply chain management, client management, and future market development. She is in charge of the trade department's future market development, customer management, and supply chain management. She will collaborate with the company to further expand the idea of being "customer-centered and value-creator-oriented."

Production Team

More than 500 motivated and experienced employees bring their best to bear in the areas of mold processing, injection molding, ultrasonic cleaning, painting, metal welding, grinding and polishing, sheet cutting, assembly, lettering, quality control, and packaging.

For these hard-working and skilled engineers, keeping up with the constant improvement and enhancement of eyewear quality is a challenge in itself. But their commitment, passion, and charisma make it all possible.

Service Team

Zhantai's sales department serves our customers with a "customer-centric" sales philosophy. Our department is composed of professional OEM team, ODM team, purchasing team and design team, each team has professional sales managers who are fluent in various languages. Our members have strong sense of responsibility, enthusiasm, and provide the most detailed and thoughtful service to our customers. Our long-term partners have been praising our services.

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