Quality Management

Zhantai's internal quality management team consists of rigorous professionals who look at our products with stricter standards than our customers through operational and management excellence.

Quality Policy

Do not procure defective products
Do not make defective products
o not have defective product flow

Quality Objective

High quality raw materials
Good quality process
Make quality glasses

Third party certification


Quality Center

Quality Center (QA) is mainly responsible for the operation and management of the quality system, for the company's product quality stability upward to do the overall organization work.

Raw material management


Supply chain management


Do the first quality control and deliver high quality raw materials to the field.

In process quality control


Responsible for quality management in eyewear manufacturing, Whole process quality control, and continuous improvement of our products.

Independent testing laboratory

Responsible for testing whether the quality of products meet the corresponding national requirements.

Finished product quality management


Responsible for the quality of delivery and the final quality control in the company from the customer's standpoint.

Zhantai Pyramid

Combined with the corporate culture

Professional Service Process

OEM/ODM service

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