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China Ouhai Glasses Town

This is a business district that makes people feel new: from street sculpture to traffic lights, eyeglass elements are everywhere; the magnificent brand stores are melted between the colorful wall painting, but the busy production workshop is faintly visible in the building behind it …… China (Ouhai) eyeglass town brand street, amazed businessmen from all over the world!

A “new street” triggered praise from all walks of life

A “new street” triggered praise from all walks of life. “It starts from the value, faithful to the quality, rich in connotation.” A businessman from Guangdong used these 12 words to evaluate the brand street, “I’ve been to many places at home and abroad, but I’ve never seen a new business like this that integrates brand display, industrial tourism, B2B, C2M (customer to factory) in one.”

Leaders at all levels and industry experts have also praised the depth of the brand street.

李显. (2019, October 15). 中国(瓯海)眼镜小镇:特色“新街”通向世界大门. 中国网. 

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