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Wenzhou Zhantai Glasses Co., Ltd. Employee Benefits for Dragon Boat Festival 2024

As the traditional Dragon Boat Festival approaches, Wenzhou Zhantai Glasses Co., Ltd. would like to express its gratitude to all employees for their hard work and dedication by providing a rich holiday benefit. The company has prepared delicious rice dumplings and nutritious fruits for each employee.

The Dragon Boat Festival commemorates the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan from ancient times, who was deeply admired for his noble character and unwavering patriotic spirit. Each year during the Dragon Boat Festival, people remember his great deeds through activities such as eating rice dumplings and dragon boat racing. By distributing rice dumplings, the company hopes to allow employees to not only enjoy delicious food but also experience the charm of traditional culture and the spirit of the great figure in history.

Employee Feedback

The distribution of this benefit has been warmly welcomed by all employees. Everyone has expressed their approval, stating that the company’s commemoration of Qu Yuan’s spirit, while allowing colleagues to feel the importance of the holiday, has touched and warmed everyone with the company’s culture.

Company Message

Wenzhou Zhantai Glasses Co., Ltd. has always placed great emphasis on employee welfare and care, striving to create a warm and harmonious working environment for its employees. On this special holiday, the company hopes to convey the joy of the festival and the care of the company by commemorating the spirit of Qu Yuan.

In the future, Wenzhou Zhantai Glasses Co., Ltd. will continue to uphold the concept of “people-oriented,” caring for and loving every employee, and work hard to create a family full of warmth and vitality, hand in hand with employees to create a more brilliant tomorrow.

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