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Warmth Overflowing: Wenzhou Zhantai Glasses Co., Ltd Spring Festival Welfare

As we bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, Wenzhou Zhantai Glasses Co., Ltd in Wenzhou hosted a rich Spring Festival welfare event to express gratitude to employees for their hard work over the past year. The company specially organized an event where employees received Wenzhou specialty New Year’s goods—Wenzhou smoked chicken, soy sauce duck, and duck feet, allowing everyone to taste the delicious flavors of their hometown and feel the warmth during the festival.

This welfare activity not only enriched the lives of employees but also served as a token of appreciation and care from Wenzhou Zhantai Glasses Co., Ltd for their hard work.

During the event, company leaders expressed their gratitude to employees, acknowledging them as the company’s most valuable asset. They recognized the silent dedication of everyone in the past year towards the company’s development. Therefore, the company decided to send warmth and blessings to its employees on the occasion of the Spring Festival. It is hoped that through such activities, employees can feel the company’s care and be further motivated in their work.

In the new year, Wenzhou Zhantai Glasses Co., Ltd will continue to care for the needs of its employees, providing more high-quality welfare benefits. Together, we will strive and grow, working towards the prosperity and development of the company, as well as the pursuit of a better life for individuals, creating a brighter tomorrow together.

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