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The collective employee health check-up at Wenzhou Zhantai Glasses Co., Ltd was a complete success.

Last Saturday, Wenzhou Zhantai Glasses Co., Ltd. organized an efficient and beneficial collective employee health check-up activity, demonstrating the company’s care and commitment to the well-being of its employees. This health check-up event received enthusiastic participation from all company employees and featured unified transportation by charter bus.

The health check-up activity commenced on Saturday morning, with employees gathering at the company’s headquarters, ready to embark on this journey of well-being. The charter buses were all set to provide convenient transportation services, ensuring that every employee could easily reach the medical facility. This initiative not only saved employees’ time but also reduced their commuting burdens, providing significant convenience to all.

The leadership team of Wenzhou Zhantai Glasses Co., Ltd expressed that this health check-up activity aimed to focus on the health and welfare of their employees, helping them identify potential health issues in a timely manner so that appropriate measures could be taken.

During the health check-up activity, employees underwent a comprehensive series of health examinations, including assessments of their overall physical condition, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels, vision, and other aspects. The professional guidance and attentive care provided by the medical staff allowed employees to feel the company’s concern and care, while also imparting valuable knowledge about healthcare.

The successful organization of this event not only strengthened the team cohesion within the company but also reminded employees to pay attention to their own health. It encouraged them to proactively take health measures and contribute their best to the company’s development.

Wenzhou Zhantai Glasses Co., Ltd. will continue to prioritize the health of its employees and provide them with more benefits and care. We believe that with the collective efforts of the company, a healthier and more successful tomorrow awaits us.

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