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Crucial review meeting

Last Saturday, the sales, design, and production teams of our company gathered for a crucial review meeting with a focus on product model CH-23043-B. The objective of the meeting was to engage in in-depth discussions regarding two key issues concerning this product, ensuring that our product meets the highest standards in terms of quality and performance.

Hinge Angle Causing Outward Flipping: The meeting commenced by addressing the concern of potential outward flipping due to the hinge angle in product CH-23043-B. The teams collectively explored possible root causes of this issue, including errors or inconsistencies during the design, production, and assembly phases. The design team shared the factors they considered in hinge design, while the production team shared their operational procedures during manufacturing and assembly. Through communication and collaboration, the teams collectively proposed potential solutions, including enhancing hinge manufacturing processes, incorporating additional inspection steps in the assembly process, and implementing more precise dimensional measurements.

Discrepancy Between Rim Wire and Lens Curvature: The second agenda of the meeting tackled the issue of misalignment between the rim wire and lens curvature in product CH-23043-B. This misalignment could lead to suboptimal visual effects, impacting the product’s appearance and quality. The design and production teams collaborated to discuss how to better control the rim wire and curvature alignment during the manufacturing process, ensuring consistency with the lens curvature. Possible solutions included refining manufacturing processes, strengthening inspection procedures, and optimizing material selection.

Throughout the meeting, team members from various departments actively shared their professional expertise and experiences, collectively identifying the root causes of the problems and proposing practical solutions. This interdisciplinary collaborative discussion contributed to a comprehensive problem-solving approach, thereby enhancing product quality and performance. The outcomes of the meeting will guide future product development and production processes, ensuring the success of product CH-23043-B in the market and increasing customer satisfaction. Through such comprehensive review meetings, the company’s teamwork capabilities have seen further advancement, and this eyewear review contributes significantly to the continuous development of our company’s engineering processes.

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