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Three years ago, Wenzhou Zhantai Glasses Co., Ltd marked a significant milestone with the establishment of Zhantai Business School. As the founder and chairman of the company, Mr. Jim Jin personally presided over the opening ceremony and established the mission of Zhantai Business School to foster continuous learning and become a learning-oriented organization.

China Action Education learning scene

(China Action Education learning scene)

As a company with a 30-year history, we have been committed to continuous development and improvement to adapt to the rapidly changing market environment. Three years ago, the chairman realized that our management team needed to enhance their abilities and broaden their perspectives in order to lead the company to greater success in a competitive market. Therefore, he decided to establish Zhantai Business School to inject new thinking and motivation into the management team.

Three years have flown by. In the morning reading sessions organized by the business school, the chairman consistently shares a series of important books he has read on business and leadership. He delves into the essence of these books and, combining them with his practical experience, elucidates to the management team how to apply these concepts and methods to solve problems and drive the company’s development in different contexts.

Each business school activity over these three years has not only provided learning and training opportunities for the management team but also fostered communication and sharing among the team members. Participants have expressed their gratitude towards the chairman and pledged to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned to better fulfill their responsibilities and propel the company’s growth.

Chairman Jim Jin expressed his pride and satisfaction with the performance of the management team and his confidence in their future growth and development. He stated that the company will continue to encourage employees to keep learning and striving to adapt to the ever-changing business environment.

Members of the Zhantai Business School team are discussing the learning of the seven major techniques of QC.

(Members of the Zhantai Business School team are discussing the learning of the seven major techniques of QC.)

The most recent theme of the business school was the application of the seven QC tools. This event not only brought new insights and inspiration to the company’s management team but also demonstrated the company’s focus on employee learning and development. The development of a learning-oriented organization is imperative, and we will continue to share the knowledge we have gained with everyone. Zhantai Business School, where we love learning!

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